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In2process Quantum Sampler - Powder/Dry Product


Quantum Sampler - Powder/Dry Product

The powder sampler needs to be installed in a pipeline where the product is free-falling so as to fill the half-cup extension. This sampler operates exactly the same as the slurry and liquor sampler and also utilizes the same seal kits. You will notice a 1/4″ BSP thread above the discharge port, which is used to allow a small burst of air or nitrogen to ensure any sticky or non free-flowing products will be properly discharged.

In2process Powder Sampler Extended By 150mm

Powder Sampler Extended By 150mm

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For more information call In2process on +61 8 9417 5005 or 0414 333 909.

Custom Samplers

The Quantum Sampler can be customised to suit your needs. This makes the product even more valuable to your organisation.

With 18+ years of experience in supplying Quantum Samplers to industry, we can advise you on the best design, placement and installation advice.

Make use of our knowledge – we are happy to share our experience with our customers.