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Fuel Genie Systems



We all want to save money on petrol or diesel fuel bills right?

Fuel Genie Systems is a kit that produces on-demand hydrogen “Enhanced Air” which increases the efficiency of petrol and diesel engines when added to the air intake of your car or truck. This is how you save money on your fuel bill.
Now let’s talk details…

  • It works on all petrol and diesel powered cars and trucks. Petrol engines over 2 litres requires a special plug-in mini ECU to help the vehicle’s existing ECU know how to adjust for the correct mixture.
  • Fuel Genie Systems splits water into hydrogen Enhanced Air. This Enhanced Air adds extra fuel to the combustion so you’ll use less fuel for the same distance travelled. It’s actually simple science.
  • The lab and road tests show these kits are safe, durable, easy-to-install and guaranteed to increase km/L by 20% on the open road.
  • Hydrogen Enhanced Air breaks down the long hydrocarbon molecule chain into smaller molecules that burn faster, cooler and more completely. This adds fuel to the combustion.
  • Suitable for all diesel powered cars and trucks.
  • These kits won’t void manufacturers warranties.
  • No maintenance required, simply refill the fluid reservoir when needed (approx every 10K Klms).

Fuel Genie Systems were developed over the past 15 years. These state-of-the-art devices are now proven to increase mileage in petrol and diesel vehicles. All of our kits are safe, durable and come with a manufacturer’s’ warranty.

Environmentally speaking, they also:

  • Reduce CO emissions to zero
  • NOx gases to zero
  • HC gases reduced by up to 98%
  • Oxygen increases by a factor of 4 (4 x the pre-kit amount)
  • CO2 is reduced by 8%
  • The reduction of acid results in cleaner air

In2process has the exclusive distribution rights to Fuel Genie Systems in Western Australia. We take pride in helping others understand how these amazingly simple devices increase km/L by 20% or more on the highway.

These Fuel Genie Systems not only increase km/L on the highway, the superheated steam they create in the combustion chamber helps to clean the spark plugs, valve seats, injectors, piston tops and piston ring grooves. The Enhanced Air these kits produce allows the engine to run leaner without overheating and will cause no damage to the engine.

The USA manufacturer, Mileage Master USA, has over 15 years’ experience with fuel savings systems. They have tested and proven these kits will improve mileage, help clean the engine and reduce toxic exhaust emissions.

  • Saves $$$ on Fuel

  • Easy to Install

  • Better Mileage

  • Cleaner Emissions

If you’d like a quote to purchase a Fuel Genie System, please complete the form below and we’ll be in touch soon.


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