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Interface box
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Control Boxes

How will you control your samplers?

You have 2 options:

  • An interface box – operated by your plants PLC (pictured above); OR
  • A stand-alone system

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We understand that every site is different so please give us a call on 0414 333 909 to discuss your particular application or email us at

We’ll need to know a few things like; flow rate, pressure, density, pipeline diameter, and pipeline material (eg. steal or HDPE).
If you email us, it’s highly likely that we’ll give you a call to discuss it further and then we can provide you with a written quote that suits your needs.


We are dedicated

The Quantum Sampler can be customised to suit your needs. This makes the product even more valuable to your organisation.

With 18+ years of experience in supplying Quantum Samplers to industry, we can advise you on the best design, placement and installation advice.

Make use of our knowledge – we are happy to share our experience with our customers.